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We provide a holistic approach in our website development projects.

Having a beautiful website is just the beginning of your web journey.

Beyond web design, a website has to be fast, secure, linked to major search engines and lastly be ready to engage with your visitors.

If any of the 4 components are not considered during the website development phase, the site will not be operating at its full potential.

Below is an explanatory outcome of the factors that are not taken into consideration.

website development

User experience

User experience is an obvious one.

However, it is not restricted to only design but also the content and download speed.

By providing meaningful content users will keep coming back to your website.

A website that is taking too long to download is so asking to be avoided.

This would lead to high bounce rates and poorer search engine ranking too.

It could also “force” your visitors to go visit your competitors’ websites.

For more on what contributes to website performance, please check out our blog.


Malicious web bots are crawling the internet looking out for a vulnerable website.

They are not concerned about which industry you are in.

Nor are they interested in whether your business is big or small.

Their primary role is to look out for vulnerabilities.

Once a vulnerability is discovered, they will start to exploit it to gain access to your website and eventually database.

It is no longer a question of “if” but “when” your site will be compromised and exploited. Please head to our blog to learn more on it.

Lead Generation

A website today can be more than just providing information.

They can also be a source of lead for your business.

However, the website first needs to be discoverable by search engines.

If the website not discoverable by search engines, it is like a beautifully decorated retail store with no customers.

On a search request, your website needs to show up in the search results page and next compel the searcher to click on your link.

Once your visitor lands on your page, you need to capture its email to followup.

So get ready for them.

House Keeping

The important of housekeeping cannot be ignored.

If a website is not properly maintained, it will break at some point.

This is important in today’s context when cyber criminal activities are increasing.

When all the above 4 factors are considered and implemented onto a website, the website will be deemed operating at its optimal to welcome visitors and engage with them.

Let’s have a conversation if you are looking to create a website or require a website re-designed.

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