Website Audit

How would you know whether you have a good website? Do you have a baseline understanding on its performance?

If you have a negative answer to either of the questions, we can help. We could provide you insights into your website and its overall bill of health.

We are able to help in the following checks on your website.

General setup health check. A poorly setup or not well-maintained website will result in lots of pain down the road. It opens itself up to attacks. Your website will be susceptible to attacks and eventually get penalized by the search engines and your visitors alike. Also issues not rectified will be compounded and cause further complications down the road

Performance health check. Poor website download speed is bad for business. With webpage download speed being a key page ranking factor in Google Search, any performance issues will result in a poorer ranking in a search result. Your human visitors might not re-visit your website because of the poor experience. They might even now head to a competitive website.

Did you know every time something gets added, changed or deleted, your website performance may be affected?
When was the last time, you did a performance health check?

Below is a sample performance check

Security health check. Websites all over the world are constantly being attacked. Malicious web bots are constantly trawling the Internet looking for vulnerable websites to attack or launch an attack from. These web bots are automated and are operating 24×7. It is just a matter of time, a web bot will pay your website a visit and attack it. Once they gain control of your website, you are at their mercy. It might not only cost you financially but also a loss of goodwill and reputation.

Below is a sample screenshot of real login attempts by non-existing users.

Content health check. You have content on your website – how would you know whether your content is reader-friendly? Is the English properly used with sufficient readability? Did you know the active form is preferred over the passive form? Are you using keywords? Are you overly using keywords? Did you know using a keyword excessively (aka keyword stuffing) will get you penalized?


Market readiness. How ready is your website to engage with your visitors? If your visitor like what they read are they able to share out your content? Do you know what they are doing on your website? Are you capturing customer details for followup?


Let’s have a conversation if you would like to do a website audit to understand whether your website is performing at its optimal.