Thriving In A Modern Workplace

The modern workplace is more demanding and complex than before.

With globalization, automation, outsourcing, disruptive technology, and new business models emerging, understanding how to be a good corporate citizen and surviving in this new work environment is more important than ever. One wrong move may limit one’s career.

Work roles today are not just merely about functional execution. With more demands on the organization from various stakeholders and regulatory requirements, more is expected from employees.

At the working level, knowing and meeting expectations not only from customers and bosses but also from fellow colleagues will make a world of difference on how one can eventually survive and thrive. While work competency is expected, the ability to coexist with others is nonetheless vital too.

So join us to understand further on how you can be a better corporate citizen and come out looking better.

You owe it to yourself to have a great if not an outstanding career.