Search engine friendly content

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Having search engine friendly content is paramount in a website or blog.

We all know that creating good web content is key to keep readers interested and engaged.

While for many a website or blog owner, the focus is primarily on creating relevant content to connect with their target readers.

Content developers mustn’t forget the 800-pound gorilla in the room – the all-powerful search engines.

Search engines are the first port of call for most if not all online searches.

In a recent survey, it is reported as much as 94% of all web searches begin on search engines.

No matter how good your messaging and copywriting is unless you are indexed by this search engines, it is unlikely that your website will be discovered and get any organic traffic.

Sad to say your website and its content could very well be another best-kept secret on the Internet. This is a grave and costly oversight.



Having keywords in your web content is one of the must do to get recognized and listed.

On the other extreme, some webmaster over stuff their content with keywords (i.e keyword stuffing).

Search engines are getting smarter and they can discern content heavily loaded with keywords. This practice might earn you a penalty from the search engines.

On the human visitor front, content that is too fixated on ranking is a turnoff. So a fine balance is needed.

With web advertising getting increasingly expensive as more brands come to appreciate the effectiveness of online advertising, you need to improve your website’s organic search.

So optimizing your content for both human readers and these search engines is important. Do it right and you will get the visibility and visitors and clients you were writing and gunning for.

Shall we have a conversation about how we can help make your website more search engine friendly and improve your reach!

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