Is your website search engine friendly?

Being search engine friendly is not Search Engine Optimization (i.e otherwise known as SEO).

It is more fundamental and a necessity if a website ever wants its pages to be discovered by the search engines.

Not many website owners understand after establishing and securing a website, the next important step is to make it searchable by the search engines.

Do think of a website as a book in the library. If ever someone was to ask for a particular book,  it, it will be a challenge to quickly locate it unless it is properly categorized and indexed.

Similarly, the world web is like a library, instead of rows of books you now have many websites. While the search engines crawl bots may be quick to locate your domain name, they are unable to see what content beyond the home page.

Everything within that main domain name is invisible to the search engines. It is just a black box.

Websites thus need to be friendlier and provide search engines with certain information to allow them to quickly fetch out the appropriate web page when called upon.


Enters ……a XML sitemap.

A XML sitemap allows search engines to better understand how your website is structured, what are the pages within and how they relate to one another.

With this new information, search engines can now accurately delivered on related pages when a search query is being made.

A XML sitemap also can help search engines to identify crawl errors on the web pages for rectification, so as to not be penalized by the search engines.

Hence the baseline for all modern day websites to be part of any search engine results page, is to have a XML sitemap and have it submitted to the respective search engines.

Without which your website is just another best-kept secret on the Internet.

However, some preparation work needs to be done to ensure the website is ready when a sitemap is submitted to the search engines.

For more on how to get your sitemap prepared and submitted, we can help. Do drop us a note and we can help you get listed on the search engines.

For more on XML sitemaps, you can visit the sitemap official page.