Incident & data breach management workshop 2020

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Benjamin Franklin

The world is undergoing a significant transformation to move everything offline to outline whatever possible.

These, in turn, creates a new set of problems – service disruption. Service disruption could be in the form of outages, cyberattacks, data breaches, terrorist attacks, natural disasters etc. 

In most cases, when something happens, the clock starts ticking. Time is now of the essence to bring the service back online. Time is no longer a luxury.

Companies (i.e. eCommerce sites, portal operators, and SaaS providers ) whose primary likelihood is through their online services can ill afford to have a site outage over a prolonged period. Any prolonged outage of service regardless of the cause will erode a user’s confidence in the company’s services.

The extended outage will also attract the attention of the media, and if the service disruption is significant, the affected company will be at the brunt of media scrutiny. Competitors may also take advantage of the negative press to undermine the affected brand.

To add to the above woes, if personal data is involved, it will attract the attention of data privacy regulators.

All these, in turn, will affect the company’s bottom line.

To avoid the above chain of events from playing out, it is best to take a proactive stance and be prepared for these service disruption possibilities.

We offer a 3-day workshop to help companies and individuals to get themselves ready for such scenarios.

Why work with us

With over 25years of operational excellence supporting online banking services under her belt, our trainer, will share best practices and know-how to be more ready and resilient against service disruption.

She brings to the table, not only online application domain expertise but time tested process know-how, and regulatory requirements insights to keep companies ready.

Our Workshop

In this programme, learners will acquire a good understanding of Incident response, problem management, and other related processes.

Learners will learn potential types of incidents, its impacts, and mitigation approaches.

The trainer will also share common pitfalls and approaches.

Hands-on simulation games will complement classroom training.

The above will be covered in a three-day workshop.

Please drop us an email if you would like to know more.