Google – the Need for Speed

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Google has been focusing on speed as a ranking factor for the last 8 years.

In Jan 2018, Google has formally announced that it will be updating its speed update algorithm sometime in mid-2018.

This update will be a significant one.

This early announcement gives website owners some heads up to start taking actions to improve their site downloading speed.


Why Is Google doing this?

The reason that Google is making this speed update is that speed matters to a user.

User’s patience for a slow downloading site is waning.

They expect to move through a brand’s site and pages at lightning speed.

With quicker site page download, it will increase search satisfaction for these users.


So what does this means to you?

One of Google search’s key ranking factor is a site’s download speed.

If your site is not downloading fast enough, your visitor will abandon your site and surf another site. Your ranking on Google will naturally drop.

If you are providing similar content and your competitor’s site is downloading its pages faster than yours, your site will rank lower than theirs.

Hence you can see, speed matters.


So what contributes to a site speed?

The performance of a website is determined by many factors. Largely it falls into 2 camps – backend and frontend.

Your front-end is defined as your page and all its resources, as rendered by a browser. This includes things like:
• JavaScript
• Media (images, video, etc)

The back-end is defined the resources elements (i.e the server, hosting, and back-end code/database need) to deliver the page to your browser.

Because of the wide variation in website architecture, there no list of best-practices for back-end performance as sites can technically do any number of things to deliver the final front-end code to the browser.

Nonetheless optimizing both ends is critical to a site optimal performance.

Let’s have a conversation if you need to ensure your site is delivering at the pace the search engines would like them to.

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