Google Analytics Reporting

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This course is for those who wants to understand more about Google Analytics and how it is used to analyze online traffic data. In this course, you will be guided in basic approaches to querying and exploring data using Google Analytics. This course goes into Google Analytics in depth :

• You will walk through the different menu options
• You will work with segments, filters, dimensions, and metrics
• You will perform traffic analysis, content analysis, measure how your ads are performing.
• Create custom reports
• Get a glimpse of a special tool that will extract data from Google Analytics into a spreadsheet.

This will greatly help in saving time.

After this course, you will be able to use different parts of Google Analytics with confidence.

Duration : 5 hours of training – 1pm to 6pm
Equipment : Students to bring their own laptop. WIFI connection will be provided.

If you are keen or have any queries, do drop us an email at

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