Effective Communications Workshop

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Effective communication skills is an important one. It is something we as human do on a daily basis.

If done right, it will improve bonds and helps foster closer ties. If done wrong, barriers will be quickly erected. Getting through to a person, let alone asking him/her to do something will be tougher. In extreme cases, bonds might even break and one might even be excommunicated.

In a wider context, communication could elevate you as a person or send your world crashing down.

By understanding and adopting certain approaches, one can minimize communication errors and might conversely even be positioned for success.

As we communicate daily to get things done. Isn’t honing your effective communication skills worth mastering?

So don’t delay any further and join us in our effective communications workshop

Note : this is not a public speaking workshop. It is more centered on interpersonal skills.


The learning outcome

Adopting the mindset necessary for effective communications

Understanding the techniques for effective communications

After this workshop, you will be a more confident and effective communicator.


The areas covered are as follows

  • Mindset for communication success
  • The KSMITT Communication model
  • Techniques of dealing with various communication scenarios
  • Adopting communication techniques to make you more appealing


The learner must understand written and spoken English. The class is conducted in English.

If you are keen to take the course, do drop us an email at enquiry@gtmlabs.com

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