Cyber defense for SME

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Deploying a cyber defense should be a priority for a company.


An attack could seriously undermine your hard work in building up your business.

It could in a single attack ruin your company’s business, reputation, and even survival.

The case for Cyber Defense

With the increased use of the Internet, the threat of cyber attacks similarly increases.

Attacks are also getting more frequent and sophisticated. 

It is almost impossible for anyone to continue operating on the Internet without any form of cybersecurity measures put in place.

It is no longer a question of “if” but a question of “when” you will be attacked.

Regardless of size, every company is a potential target.

With automated bots, designed to seek out online vulnerabilities, prowling the world wide web, your company will be compromised if there is a lack of proper cyber defense.

Fig 1 snapshot of automated bots attempt to login

In some instances, you might even not be the final target.

However, as you are the vendor to the primary target, you might be compromised for the hackers to gain access to the primary target through you.

Personal Data

This is made worse when private personal data is involved.

Personal data could also simply be employee data and not just customer data.

Once regulatory privacy protection agencies step in, you will run the risk of earning a dubious reputation.

Your visitors and customers will start thinking twice doing business with you.

The Good News

We can help in improving your cybersecurity posture without causing you an arm and a leg.

Our certified professionals will work with you to craft a tailored made solution for your organisation.

Overview of our Offering

We can provide a multi-layered defense against a cyberattack as follows.

The cost of implementing such a framework is just but a fraction of the cost of a cyber attack.

You have spent time, money and effort to painstakingly build your business.

Don’t let cybercriminals take your livelihood away.

So speak to us today!

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