B2B sales & presentation workshop

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A salesperson is not born;

they are created.

Sales and customer engagement has greatly evolved over the years.

Sales have changed over the years. The customer of today is more informed and savvy.

You can no longer sell as you would adopting the tactics of an eloquent car salesman in the 80s.

A new engagement model is needed to sell to this “new age customer”.

From lead discovery, qualification to eventually contract closure, every step of the sales engagement or account management process is crucial. One misstep and your effort could go down the drain.

In sales, the stakes are high. There is no prize for being in second place.

In our class, learners will learn about

  • adopting the right sales mindset
  • key activities in the sales process
  • importance of knowing the customer & howto better interact with the customer
  • prioritization for success
  • better account management
  • closing that deal

Why our sales training?

Our sales trainer has been in enterprise sales for over 15 years. He has worked for four global sales organizations and has been trained in executive engagement, enterprise account management, and negotiation.

He has directly worked with large companie, government bodies, and even foreign MNCs. He has also received sales awards for his sales achievements.

Beyond direct B2B account sales, he has also been involved in distribution, channel, and trade sales. He understands that not all sales are the same and each will require different approaches and treated differently.

Like any other skill, sales skills gets perfected through proper training, coaching, and repeated performance.

Shall we have a conversation to take your sales expertise to the next level.

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