Anti-Phishing Solution

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Phishing is on the rise!

They are now the most popular way of delivering ransomware onto an organization’s network.

66% of all malware is now installed via malicious email links and attachments.

Cybercriminals launch a phishing attack by way of sending a fraudulent message.

Usually, in the form of an email, the fraudulent message lures the unsuspecting users into clicking a link.

That link in turn either leads the victim to a malicious website or initiates a malicious download.

Why are the cybercriminals doing this?

The end users form the largest attack surface.

Also due to the lack of active cybersecurity education and knowledge, these users are more likely to take action on the link.

41% of IT professionals report phishing attacks occurring daily

Hence, it is no longer a question of “if” but a question of “when” a cyber breach takes place.

How does a Phishing attack impacts my organization?

There are many things that go bad for an organization once a phishing attack is successful.

In the event of a cyber breach, if confidential data is compromised and disclosed, it might attract regulatory fines and even civil suits.

Once the public knows that the organization has been a victim of an attack.  The people whom you are doing business with or trying to do business with will lose confidence in the brand for fear of being affected themselves.

With fake news being prevalent these days, some might even avoid the brand’s website totally for fear of accidentally landing on a fake web page.

In the worst-case scenario, the clients and supporters whom you have painstakingly cultivated may even switch brands and forgo your website for the competitors’.

As outlined above, it is evident the impact of a phishing attack may cause serious reputational and business loss to an organization.

The Solution

The solution is within your grasp and control.

Phishing-aware employees

Instead of being phish victims, these phishing aware employees can serve as a human firewall, defending against these attacks.

With proper education, they can now be more active and wary defenders against these phishing attacks.

How you can improve your cyber posture

With offline and online interactive training modules, we can help educate your employees.

Beyond phishing threats, the modules also cover more than topics such as social engineering, credential harvesting, password strength, and regulatory compliance education.

To help in sustainable cybersecurity posture, we also empower companies to launch their own internal phishing campaigns to test employee vigilance.

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