Your content is good only when you have

So you have created your website and secured it, the next task is to start building traffic.

We all know that creating good web content is key to keep readers interested and engaged. While for many a website owner, the focus is on creating relevant content to connect with the target readers, we mustn’t forget the 800pound gorilla in the room – the all power Search engines.

Search engines are the first port of call for most if not all online searches. No matter how good your messaging and copywriting is unless you take into consideration the search criteria of these search engines, it is unlikely that your website will get any organic traffic. It could very well be another best-kept secret on the Internet. This is a grave and costly oversight. Hence when building traffic to your website, understanding what these search engines’ criteria are crucial.

At the other extreme, some webmaster over stuff their content with keywords (i.e keyword stuffing). Search engines are getting smarter and they can discern content heavily loaded with keywords. This might even earn you a penalty from the search engines. On the human visitor front, content that is too fixated on ranking is a turnoff. So a fine balance is needed.

As a non-tech website owner, there are some actions you can take to make your content search friendly and over time generate organic traffic. By carefully crafting content for humans and search engines, you can make your content palatable to your readers and at the same time surface in a search. This is important as you can have better reach without high advertising cost. Do it right you will get the visibility and clients you were writing for. So join our training classes to improve your website searchability. Speak to us today!