Your best defense against a phishing attack

Imagine you are living in a village and you, the village chieftain hears that the village under your care is about to be attacked.

When the village is attacked, property will be taken, and lives will be lost.

Do you have a plan to defend against such an attack?

Imagine now one of the inhabitants in your village, say a farmer, is at the outskirt of the village and he is buzy tilting the farmland. He sees some strangers walking at the peripheral of the farmland.

He has two choices to make – either he observes what they are doing and eventually just go back to what he was doing or start alerting the rest in the village on what he has just witness?

Imagine now the farmer is one of your employees. He/she too has two choices – to report or not to report and conduct his work as if nothing has happened.

As the organisation chieftain, what would you prefer them to do?

Just like the village that could take action if it has a village of vigilant inhabitants, your organisation would likewise benefit from an organisation of alert employees.

Cyber breaches are real and the stakes are high. New privacy regulations are also raising the stake. What you have painstakingly built could be destroyed in a flash.

Isn’t it better to be proactive than reactive?

We can help in this conversion of unaware employees into an organisation of alert cyber warriors.

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