Website Creation – The 6 considerations

Website creation is more than just having a web presence.

More needs to be done to secure and enhance its intended purpose.

The 6 things that all web owners  need to consider are as follows

1. Security. Malicious web bots will visit your website. It is not a question of if but when. These unwanted automated web bots will cost you sleepless nights and rework to get your site back to its operational state. In some severe cases, perpetrator’s might even hold your website for ransom until their demands are met.

Most often the security provided for by the hosting companies are very basic and perimeter in nature. The onus is on the web owner to add an additional element of security at the website level, especially more so when you are in a shared hosted or self-managed environment.

2. Site performance. There are many factors that make up a good user experience. However one of the most important of them all is website performance or download speed. If your site takes too long to download. Your website will be penalized by both your visitor and the search engines. Your visitors will be “forced” to check out other sites, in most cases, your competitor’s. Google will rank you lower against other websites that have similar content.

3. Good relevant content. Having good relevant content is important. Your visitor will appreciate it and stay longer on your site. They might even go the extra mile and share your content with others. If your content is well received, over time, your site could also be seen as an authority site and your ranking improved considerably in search engines.

4. Search engine friendly content. Content must be search engine friendly. Research has shown that up to 94% of all online searches are done through search engines. If your content is not picked up by the search engines it will not rank high in a search request. Making your content known and search friendly is paramount for you to grow organically.

5. Engagement. Your visitors have arrived how do you currently interact with them? They like your content and have a good experience on your site. They might even be a follower or advocate. Do you have a mechanism or strategy in place on how to reach out and market to them for further promotions?

6. Analytics. Lastly but no less important than the rest, do you have any insights on your visitors? Do you know where they are coming from? Do you have any knowledge on whether they like your content? Can you identify what they are searching for?

As they say, you can’t improve what you can’t measure. Understanding certain visitor behaviors will give you an idea how your site is performing. Is it meeting customers expectations?

With analytics, you can make more informed decisions to improve your brand.

Why is this important?

If anyone wants to understand more about your organization and business offering, the first place they will go to would be your website. If your website is not ready for your visitors you will be missing out on opportunities – opportunity to impress, an opportunity to influence and opportunity to engage with them.

Afterall you have spent a fair bit of time. money and effort to create your website. Getting visitors to your site is also a challenging proposition. Why waste these opportunities when they visit your site?

With the above 6 considerations of your website creation in place, your website will be more than ready for you to be capitalise on these opportunities.

Shall we have a conversation on how to minimize this mis-opportunities and make your website a lead generator?