Valentine’s day – Let your Hearts speak

Valentine’s day is upon us once again.

Along with it comes the typical gift exchange between lovers. The bouquet of flowers for the ladies and the must have or I won’t forgive you romantic Valentine’s day dinner.

Nothing wrong in honoring this tradition. But wouldn’t it be better to do a deeper take on this special occasion to make it truly meaningful.

Take a step back, ponder why this person is in your life and the joy and magic that they have brought into your life.


Walking down memory lane

Firstly wouldn’t it be nice to walk down memory to recall some of the things you have accomplished together – places you have been too, activities you have done as a couple. These moments, are only for both of you.

No one human will understand, experience and be able to share the feelings and emotion of those exact moments. Those moments and activities though could seem mundane, have actually created some form of a lifestyle and bonded you as a couple.


Together you achieve more

Secondly, on a personal note, you should reflect on the things you would never have done or achieved if the other person hadn’t appeared in your life. Like buying a house together, having kids or simply do something or make a choice you would ordinarily wouldn’t have done by your own self.


The support

Lastly, is to take stock of how much you have grown as a person with the person in your life. The stability that special someone has provided you. The support they have shown, the listening ear when you needed to confide in someone. Sometimes by just being there, is just as important if not important as any other thing you might do together.
I believe with this three things in mind you can truly have a true and deeper expression of your love to your other half on this special day.


Let your hearts speak to one another. After all, Valentine’s day concerns the matter of the heart.