Should I outsource my website?

Your website is a strategic digital asset. It helps to communicate your business purpose and the value you bring to your target market. In today’s world where the Internet is an indispensable part of our lives, your customers minimally expect you, as a business, to have a website to understand your business. In this respect, you should take great care to ensure content integrity and availability of your website.  For this effort, you can either manage this in-house or have it outsourced.

Outsourcing is an easier option. It, however, can be a more costly option over time as there will be changes to the site content and added functionalities required. Also with the data protection laws becoming important in every major country, you would want to have a tighter control over sensitive information.

On the other hand, if you were to manage your website on your own, the cost could be greatly reduced. This is critical for a small medium enterprise (i.e SME). Apart from cost, you could also make amendments quickly and have more control and understand what your website is capable of. Of course, this takes time and effort. However, the upside outweighs the effort. You now have the super human power to create websites by yourself. You are now no longer constraint by cost. So do sign up in our WordPress classes and be empowered!

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