Setting up a website in a malicious world

Yahoo…you have finally created your website. Your webwork is finally done or so you think.

Unfortunately, this is hardly the case. On the contrary, it is just the beginning.

The next priority for you as a site owner is to protect your newly minted online digital asset as you would a newly renovated physical store.

The World Wide Web besides being a great place to source for information and market your business is also the playground for cyber criminals.

Launched by these cyber criminals, cyber attacks with malicious intent happen every day.

Automated web bots with the sole purpose of looking for site vulnerabilities will come knocking at your site.

Below is a sample screenshot of the web bots at work.


The threat of these hackers is very real.

Once gaining entry, these cyber criminals can do almost anything from stealing sensitive information to launching an attack from your server.


So what does it mean to you – the site owner?

A compromised website will affect your reputation and eventually revenue.

People who have dealings with your business or brand will steer away from your website or brand once word of your system being compromised gets out. Trust will be broken and they may even head over to your competitors.

In extreme cases, you might be held hostage by ransomware operators who will not relinquish control of your website until you have paid them a nice ransom fee.

This is an absolute nightmare for a small business or brand owner when you lost absolute control of your website.

As the cost of maintaining a dedicated server is prohibitive, most SME websites rely on cheaper 3rd party hosting provider for maintaining their website.

While these hosting providers have a security plan to protect their servers against perimeter threats, those on a shared server will face the threat of cross-website contamination.

This happens when a malicious program has gained entry into a website on the same server and thereafter quickly infect or attack other websites on the same server.

So as an owner, the onus is on you to ensure that you have the best defenses to protect against these threats.

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