Questions to ask when selecting a Web Hosting Provider

After deciding on a domain name, the next big challenge is to identify a suitable web hosting provider.

With over 10 hosting providers available, you will be faced with a challenging time deciding on which web hosting vendor to go with. Below are some noteworthy considerations to help you in your selection process.

Firstly, you need to ask yourself – where are the bulk of your visitors expected to come from? Does your hosting provider has servers located locally to serve these users.

If you are deploying for a global audience, you would want a provider which has global operations and has servers across the world to quickly serve your web pages.

Secondly, does your service provider provide supports on the CMS you are planning to use?

Thirdly, does your service provider provide support for SSL setup to attain https domain name link? Woe to you if they don’t help in the SSL setup.

Fourthly, what kind of technical support do they provide? This becomes mission critical when you face any serverside related issues which you or your webmaster has no access.

Do they use standard cpanel? This is for easier migration when you decide to migrate out of their service.

Lastly, if you are planning to use emails with your own domain name, you would need to determine what is the number of email boxes you would need and how much disk space you wish to allocate to each email box. This is important to work out the size of the hosting plan you are going to purchase.

Price though in itself an important criterion, it should, however, be the last criteria to consider, as there are somethings more important than price. Things like customer service and reputation are more important as it impacts future recurring revenue if your service is not up to par.

If you can get the above correct, hosting should generally be the last thing on your mind as far as web hosting is a concern.

Not sure about the above, do drop us a line if you need further advice.