Protecting Your Website

So you have your WordPress website up and running, next as with everything precious in your life, you need to protect it. Malicious spider bots are constantly on the prowl on the internet looking for unsuspecting websites to attack it or use it as a platform to launch an attack. If the latter happens your site or URL will be identified as a malicious website and banned on the internet

On the business front, if your website is defaced or hacked into, the attacker may post some embarrassing article on your website and this will not go down well with your visitors. Your credibility and reputation will be adversely affected.  This is probably what you, as a business owner, wouldn’t want happening to you.

In this course, learners will learn

Understand web security fundamentals
Understand the 2BAD web site defense strategy
Deploy the 2BAD web site defense framework


After this workshop, you will have more confidence in your website’s ability to defend itself against attack and represent your company and business on the web.

If you are keen to take the course, do drop us an email at



Learner must have basic computer skills
Learner must have a live website created in WordPress
Understand written and spoken English. The class is conducted in English