To DIY or outsource my website?

In today’s world where the Internet is an indispensable part of our lives, your customers minimally expect you, as a business, to have a website to provide information about your business.

Your website is a strategic digital asset. It is the first port of call for your customers and business partners, to understand your business purpose and the value you bring to your target market. In this respect, you should take great care to ensure content integrity and website availability.

As a business owner, you can either manage your website internally or have it outsourced.

To outsource?

Outsourcing is an easier option. However, it is good only if you have minimal changes to your website. However, the reality of things is that a website is hardly static. Not only does the content changes frequently. There will also be software updates to the CMS platform and its add-on functionalities. All these will have an impact on the website performance. As the site operator, you need to do understand its impact and to take corrective actions if the site has been adversely affected.

Hence its pretty obvious a webmaster’s work is not done just when the website is uploaded to the world wide web. It’s development and management is an ongoing activity.

To insource?

On the other hand, if you were to manage your website on your own, the cost could be greatly reduced. Cost is always a critical factor for any small-medium enterprise (i.e SME).

Apart from cost, the other benefit you would benefit from it that changes and amendments can be quickly implemented. By actively managing your website, you will have more control and understand what your website is capable of.

Of course, as with everything there is a learning curve. This takes time and effort.

However, the upside outweighs the effort. You now have the “super” power to create websites by yourself. With this new power, you are now no longer held hostage by cost, you can easily set up as many websites as you like.

So do sign up for our WordPress classes and be empowered!