Networking – Beyond Revenue

Business networking has changed.

It was once just confined to just sales people or business owners trying to seek out new sources of revenue.

However, in this age of disruptive technology and globalization, where job security is no longer a given, networking goes beyond simply chasing revenue.

Effective business networking could lead to career opportunities, a potential collaboration or even meeting that special someone.

Even if the person you meet may not be able to assist you directly, he or she may refer you to someone who might.

In today’s competitive world, things can irrelevant pretty quick and paper qualifications don’t guarantee you will secure a job.

Knowing the right people, however, could open doors.

Knowing the right people, you can gain privy knowledge not known to outsiders.

In the workplace where bosses want to get things done yesterday, if you can leverage on your external network to get certain things done quick, you could easily be seen favorably by your bosses.

So the benefit of effective networking is endless.


Networking is a skill.


Like other skills, it requires the right mindset, knowledge and executes rightly to be at our level best and getting results. Understanding and mindfully executing these techniques will hone your networking skills. In time, you will be in a better position to reap the results of your networking effort.

So why learn business networking now?
You never know when that special life-changer of a person might just appear. The question then are you ready for him/her?

A network takes time to grow.

The sooner you understand the knowledge how to be a better networker, the better equipped will you be in building your network.

So join us in our “Networking for Business and Social Success” workshop.