Making Your Website Content SEO friendly

Now that you have your website done and secure against malicious attack. The next thing is to focus on driving traffic to your website. Your website will be the Internet’s best keep secret if you don’t drive traffic to it. If your website is the only asset you have to communicate your business, if you don’t drive traffic to it, your business will eventually cease to exist. Hence driving traffic to your website is a paramount business objective. There is paid and unpaid traffic (aka organic).

This course is for those who want to start driving organic traffic to your website.

In this course, learners will

How to register your website with Google Search
How to install Google Analytics
How to ensure your content is SEO friendly
How to create a Facebook Business Page
How to add social shares
Setup a lead capturing structure
Setup lead capture on your website and Facebook
Start building your email list

After this workshop, you will have a better understanding of how to build organic traffic to your website and do lead capture.

If you are keen to take the course, do drop us an email at

Learner must have basic computer skills and
Understand written and spoken English. The class is conducted in English.

Class Duration:
Evening Class 7-10pm, weeknights only