Habits we all have them.

They could be good ones or bad ones. Whatever they are, they inadvertently define us and how we are perceived by others.

Remember how you perceived yourself and how people perceive you are two different matters.

The problem arises when these habits have a negative effect on others and subsequently put us in a bad light.

In communications, it could be talking too much, being overbearing, not interested in letting others speak, or simply typing away on your mobile when someone is speaking to you. For better or for worst all these actions sent out signals to the people around you and what they mean to you.

Whatever the case, this would cost you diminishing social capital. People whom you might have irked will start distancing themselves from you. In the workplace, it might even have an adverse effect on your career.

In most cases, sometimes people might not say it out loud about their displeasure, but be assured they will take note of your bad habit. If done frequently, these habits will be perceived as part of your DNA and people will expect the habit to exhibit itself.

You may be tolerant of other people bad habit but other might not think the same way as you do. You might be want to be careful to those who matter most.

Even those, who tolerant your bad habits, they have their limits.

If you are aware of your bad habits and you can somehow be managed it then the effect might be minimized.

However, in most cases, we sometimes have these bad habits and might not even know we are exhibiting these bad habits. In some oblivious cases, you might even be the last to know about your bad habits.

So what can you do?

Get feedback from reliable sources such as family, friends, and colleagues.

They are the ones who have more exposure to you and would definitely know you better than others. The more feedback you get the more accurate the inputs would be. try to get a minimum of three inputs to confirm a feedback.

Be more cognizant of comments made about you. Have different people told me about the same behavior?

Lastly, do a self-reflection. How would you react or feel if this were to happen to you? How would you like or dislike it?

The adage of doing unto others as you would others to do upon you is never so true when having to deal with a fellow human being.


But getting inputs on these 3 questions you can get identify and confirm your negative habits. Thereafter you could make a conscious effort to make a change for the better. In time, you will remove your bad traits and improve your relationship with others.

No human being wants to be negatively remembered. In today’s world of quick condemnation, we need to be at our best and constantly make changes for the better, lest we end up in someone’s bad books.