Save the hassle of organizing and co-coordinating on your events. With our industry and media connections, we can make add value to your event to make it not only enjoyable, but more memorable too.


Product Launches
20141029_215906_amendedCompanies are constantly innovating and bringing new products into the market. Without innovation and
stream of new products to be introduced to the market, companies will lose consumer mindset.  

Whatever your product may be, a cutting age kitchen appliance, premium watch or a luxurious car, we can  work with you to connect you with your target audience.

On premises or off premise events, cocktail or sit down dinner formats, we have done them all. So let’s have a chat.


Corporate Dinners

Corp dinners


Be it customer appreciation, retention or new customer acquisitions, we could work with you to ensure your A list customers get the best experience with you. Differentiation in the market place is paramount. How do you WOW your customers and prospects? The last thing you want is to organize an expensive luxurious dinner and your clients walk away with a full stomach and nothing more.

We have organised dinners for Embassies, Private Banks, Credit Card Issuers and Luxury Brands.





Trade Events and Promotions


Having a new product and you are planning to build awareness with potential corporate clients, distributors or even the media? We could add value by organizing and bringing other interested parties together.

Our service do not end there, as we can also value add by working with selected media partners for post event coverage or further business collaboration.