Customer Experience

Customers today is bombarded by alternatives to what you can provide and the competition are not resting on their laurels either.

Knowing how the customer/consumer feels thereafter is important and has implications at all levels (i.e product development, marketing, brand equity, repeat business, finance etc.). Without a good understanding of the customer’s point of view or feedback, product development may go off on a tangent to what the market is willing to pay.

From the marketing point of view, word of mouth is a power marketing tool. However it is a double edge sword – it could either work for you instead of against you. So what do know what your customers think about your brand and if possible identify advocates too.

From the sales perspective, a happy customer is willing to part with their hard earned cash without much convincing knowing that they are getting a good experience using your product or service. In short, Customer experience or satisfaction is the new battleground and you definitely need to up your game!


Improving Customer Experience on your Website

You have invested time, money and effort to build your website, perhaps even spend money to drive traffic to your site. But do you know what experience your users are having on your site? Do you know what works or don’t work on your site? How can you improve customer experience on your site? Speak to us today.


Understanding and Improving Customer Experience Holisticly

You have invested time, money and effort to build your business – creating a brand, setting up operations, hiring the right staff, all for the purpose of getting your customer to utilize your product or service. They have listened to your sales and marketing pitch and procured your offering. Some will be please, while others will be dissatisfied. Whatever the case, these sentiments needs to be captured to ensure that the satisfied will return and the dis-satisfied will give you another chance to serve them.


Improving Customer Experience – Retail Business

For retail business, customers today are hard press for time and they have alternatives today. If they have to queue in line to access your retail shops, they might give your shop a miss. With our myTimeBack application, we could make the annoying queuing experience all go away with the deployment of our no more queuing application. You could have more if not happier customers. With no expensive hardware to deploy, and and leveraging on your customer’s mobile phone to get them alerted on their queue number, the mobile application can be easily deployed in minutes. No more associated devices to clean, service and manage. Most importantly, your customers would be appreciative of your customer centric approach.

Do speak to us today on how we can work with you to ensure you can improve on your customer/consumer experience.


“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”   Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft


“We see our customer as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job everyday to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better”   Jeff Bezos, CEO of