Choosing WordPress as your CMS platform

There are many content management system (i.e CMS etc.) out there in the market. All of them has its merits. However, one that rises above all is the WordPress CMS. WordPress has a 22.5% of the CMS market. Learning WordPress is a key skillset that all aspiring website owners should pick up.

WordPress is highly versatile and well supported CMS. It is highly scalable and features rich. WordPress is in use in simple blogs to full fledge websites deployed by large corporations.

Its openness has garnered WordPress a large following of web designers as well as developers. The latter is important as these developers contribute many additional functionalities to WordPress in the forms of Plugins. Currently, there are more than 50,000 plugins for WordPress. And this number is continuously growing. For every functionality issue, there are more than a single solution offering for your consideration.

If you have other 3rd party applications (i.e Google Analytics, Marketing Automation applications) that need to integrate with WordPress, integrations interfaces (i.e API) are readily available. The last thing you would want happening, after spending much time on your website, is to discover a missing critical function or encounter integration issues.

Lastly, all major web hosting provider supports WordPress so porting your site from one provider to another will not be a major issue.

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