Business Networking, a New Paradigm

The paradigm of business networking has changed. Business networking is no longer confined to just sales people or business owners trying to seek out new sources of revenue. In this age of disruptive technology and globalization, where job security is no longer a given, networking goes beyond simply chasing revenue. Having the necessary paper qualifications doesn’t guarantee you will secure the role you have been working so hard for. Knowing the right people, however, could make a whole world of difference and even be life changing.

With the right people, doors or privy knowledge previously close to outsiders, could be quickly opened. If you are a vendor or investor, this would mean opportunities you can pursue. Though there is no certainty you will be selected or win the bid, you nonetheless have an opportunity to make known what you have to offer, voice your value proposition and get a chance to compete. This is so very important in this number chasing world.

In the work place where bosses want to get things done yesterday, knowing the right people and delivering a good job done could score you some brownie points with your bosses.

In a competitive job hunt scenario, if you know someone of authority and standing who is willing to be a reference to your work or character, that would put you in a highly favorable spot. So the benefit of effective networking is endless.

Networking involves people. The people of today are more educated and accomplished, and hence are more self-assured. These discerning individuals can be quick to judge and pigeon hole a person. Once in that mental pigeon hole, it can be trying to be moved out of it. It is just part of our human DNA on how we typecast people. Handling people takes skill, and to be an effective networker, you need to understand the dynamics that are going on and adopt habits to be at your best.

Everyone can pick a golf stick to hit a ball and try to get the ball into the little hole on the green but not many can make it happen. Like golf, networking is a skill. It takes a set of strategies and tactical moves to improve our odds in achieving our desired goals. Understanding and mindfully executing these techniques will hone your networking skills will eventually be you in a better position to be successful in your endeavors, career wise or socially.

For some of us, in our life journey, we might wish upon a guardian angel of sorts to appear and help takes us to the next level. The question you need to ask yourself is …….if a guardian angel does appear what is the likelihood of you being in his good books for him to want to help you?

So join us in our “Networking for Business and Social Success” class and up your game to be an effective networker and communicator. You never know when that shooting star of a guardian angel might just appear.

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