Branding – More than Just a Logo

Branding is an activity all company needs to undertake in today’s competitive world.

The logo is a starting point.

A logo in most part is an identifier or symbol of your brand or business. Like the letters words that represent an element in a periodic table, it just merely touches the surface of what really lies within. In short, a logo is not the brand, it is the visual representation of a brand.

A brand on the hand represents a whole suite of meaning. A brand could represent a promise, values, a quality standard, exemplary service etc.

At its core, a logo has to embody as much of these aspects as possible. A logo cannot just be a work of art. It has to be meaningful and something that can connect with its audience. If well thought through at the conceptualization stage, it will reduce design rework and other pain down the road (ie rework on all marketing collaterals and perhaps even new communications for the new logo itself etc.).

In today’s fast pace world, in many cases, a business morphs. Hence its logo too.

So when deciding on a logo from the get-go, a company needs to understand its focus area and the possible path it is likely to undertake to ensure brand extensibility. Afterall brand recognition and goodwill take time to build. And the last thing you want to do is to do brand re-work down the road.

So beyond brand messaging let’s have a serious discussion and then make a sound decision that you have the right brand image to future proof your brand?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a brand image that can go a long way as you build your business around your brand?

Beyond mere design, with our knowledge of online search, we can make an impact on your brand.

Let’s have a conversation if you are looking to build a new brand image, or review an existing one.