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So you have created your website and secured it, the next task is to start building traffic. We all know that creating good web content is key in keeping our readers interested and engaged. While for many a website owner, the focus will be on the target audience and the […]

Your content is good only when you have …..

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The paradigm of business networking has changed. Business networking is no longer confined to just sales people or business owners trying to seek out new sources of revenue. In this age of disruptive technology and globalization, where job security is no longer a given, networking goes beyond simply chasing revenue. […]

Business Networking, a New Paradigm

So you have created your website and the work is over. This is hardly the case, the next priority for you as a site owner is to protect your digital asset. The World Wide Web besides being a great place to source for information is also the playing ground for […]

Setting up a website In a malicious world

Your website is a strategic digital asset. It helps to communicate your business purpose and the value you bring to your target market. In today’s world where the Internet is an indispensable part of our lives, your customers minimally expect you, as a business, to have a website to understand […]

Should I outsource my website?

Blogging Platforms
This is a question posed by many newbies to blogging. The answer to this question ultimately boils down to the desired outcome of your blogging objectives. Be it using a 3rd party blogging application or a content management system (CMS), each option has its own pros and cons. Following is […]

Free blogging platform vs a CMS like WordPress

There are many content management system (i.e CMS etc.) out there in the market. All of them has its merits. However, one that rises above all is the WordPress CMS. WordPress has a 22.5% of the CMS market. Learning WordPress is a key skillset that all aspiring website owners should […]

Choosing WordPress as your CMS platform